Prahlad Tandon
Terrorism is not new. It has been around as long as people have been willing to use violence as a political weapon.

The terrorism began with the French revolution and has evolved from the past . In India it was with the first incrusion by the Mohd Bin Qasim in 672AD.The most common causes or roots of terrorism include civilization or culture clashes , globalization, religion.

Medical Terrorism as defined by IOSR – JDMS in their Journal – MEDICAL TERRORISM is creating a situation or terror using medical knowledge as weapon.Medical negligence is under the umbrella term of medical terrorism.

Meaning there by when any medical professional or a service provider does any inhuman behavior , creating an environment of terror using medical knowledge or license , then it is not only negligence , it is Medical Terrorism.

UNITED NATION – SECRETARY GENERAL described Terrorism “Any act intended to cause death or serious body harm to civilians or non-combatants with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government or an international organisation to do or abstain from doing any act.

UNITED STATES CODE OF TITLE 22 CHAPTER 38 SECTION 2656 F (D) defines terrorism is a Premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non combatant targets by sub national groups or clandestine agents , usually intended to influence an audience.

The unlawful use of threat of violence especially against the state or the state or the public as a politically motivated means of attack or coercion is terrorism.

State terrorism refers to acts of terrorism conducted by a state against another state.

Terrorism is the deliberate killing of innocent people , to spread disease and fear through a whole population.

The purpose of terrorism is to exploit and to achieve maximum desired gain in a very short duration of time.

Globally almost more than 3 million cases of covid – 19 have been reported to WHO , and more than 170000 deaths.

World Health Organisation says – Make no Mistake : we have a long way to go. This virus remain extremely dangerous.

A Laureate of French Nobel Prize Winner Mr.Luc Montagnier said that the SARS – COV-2 came from a lab , and is a result of an attempt to manufacture a vaccine against the AIDS virus , the presence of elements of HIV in the genome of the coronavirus and even elements of the “germ of malaria”are highly suspect.

Later on a leading Microbiologist from RUSSIA Professor Peter Chumakov said ” Noval coronavirus , is the out come of “CRAZY” experiments conducted by scientist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.They did absolutely Crazy things.

So on the above facts which are available in the public domain and on the basis of all these it can easily be observed and concluded that it is not a magic but it is clear cut case of medical terrorism.

It is international release and dissemination of virus deliberately which are mutated or altered to increase their ability to cause disease and made them resistant to current medicines and also increased their ability to be spread in the humans or society.

This virus is harmful which causes illness or death of the people and also relatively easy and inexpensive also cause widespread fear , panic beyond the actual physical damage.

There are two things one is Medical Errors another is Medical Negligency . Both are different medical error may occur due to wrong judgment.Even if it is a medical negligency , it is actionable as a breach of duty.If it caused by the omission to do something which a reasonable and prudent man , would not do does that negligently is actionable.

If a person is duty bound to do or abstain from doing such act which a prudent man should not do and if does negligently in the breach of that duty is liable to pay compensation or damages.

Medical Terrorism may be of so many kind one of these type is State sponsored terrorism , which consists of terrorist acts on State or Government by a State or Government.

Noval Corona virus which has spread from Wuhan laboratory, City of China resulting in adverse health , illness , and death globally and it should not do as China had knowledge the quantum of loss of lives if disseminated .

Novel Corona Virus which disseminate from The City Of China from Wuhan laboratory which deliberately spreaded and use the medical knowledge as Weapon which creates an atmosphere of terror using such medical knowledge and resulting of adverse health effects in million’s and thousands of people lost their lives is straight forward case of
MEDICAL TERRORISM” and should be prosecuted and compel to compensate the damages and be discarded from the international society.